BIONIC co-founders, Tim Coombs and Tyson Toussant launched a raw material manufacturing company with much to learn and the future unknown. The duo held firm on one simple idea: That a company can successfully marry purpose with profit.  BIONIC’s mission to create technologically advanced raw materials from recovered plastic pollution found in marine and coastal environments did just that. A decade later, the company's multi-patented innovative raw materials are now used by a vast and impressive array of clients. With a wide range of applications from luxury garments and furniture to marine, automotive, and industrial uses, BIONIC continues to focus on developing materials to meet industry needs.

In 2010, after engaging with his streetwear brand BBC/Ice Cream, grammy award winning artist and producer Pharrell Williams became the company’s third partner. A design and fashion force in his own right, Williams stepped into and remains acting Creative Director at BIONIC. In 2016 BIONIC joined forces with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s global environmental not for profit, Waterkeeper Alliance. The gold-standard in environmental protection, Waterkeeper Alliance unites more than 300+ Waterkeepers Organizations and Affiliates in 37 countries patrolling and protecting 2.4 million square miles of watershed around the globe.

Now, in 2017, BIONIC embarks on a new chapter in the company’s history. Providing advanced support and funding as the official partner of Waterkeeper Alliance’s Ocean Plastic Recovery Initiative, the company is committed to responsibly repurposing all recovered plastic debris. With BIONIC’s purpose becoming ever more clear… jobs are being created, marine and coastal environments are being saved, and local communities are being educated on environmental stewardship. Furthermore investments in local infrastructure are made, waterways are being protected, and the positive affects are being felt from the ground up. This first of its kind initiative is attributed to consumer driven demand. As the demand for fully transparent supply chains and fully traceable-certifiable recycled materials continues to grow, so does BIONIC’s purpose and profit.