You want to care for the planet, but are unsure how your work with yarn and textiles can do so. Bionic is here to provide the marine and coastal recovered plastic TC yarn that reduces plastic waste in our oceans, while bringing you stunning and adaptable yarns.

Our DPX marine recovered ocean plastic TC yarn is engineered from coastal and marine plastic. DPX is usable for high-grade textile applications from apparel to window coverings.

DPX® is a dual staple fiber construction that intimately blends recycled PET with other synthetic or natural fibers to form a highly customizable yarn with soft texture.

DPX® is available in stretch, standard, or slub constructions; and in Ring–Spun, Siro-Spun, Airjet, and Open-End forms.

To enhance functionality and aesthetics, DPX® can be spun with Wood, Bamboo, Loft,Wicking, Cotton, Bamboo-Charcoal,Wool, FR, UV, Silk,Alpaca, Hemp, Linen, Cashmere, Rami, and Aramid fibers.

Do your part to care for the world that's all around us with DPX marine recovered ocean plastic TC yarn. We understand the range of applications for our yarn and are eager to talk with you about the different ways that you can use DPX in your own business.

Discover what Bionic can do for you and the products that you create. Contact us today to talk to an expert about the applications of our DPX marine and coastal recovered plastic TC yarn.

Marine and Coastal Recovered Plastic TC Yarn