To make the world a better place with a better product.

Recycled Plastic Fabric Yarn

BIONIC® Transforms Recovered Plastic Into Durable Materials.

BIONIC® is a mission-driven material engineering company, addressing ocean plastic pollution in marine and coastal environments

Our vision is to unite industry leading brands to substantially and measurably reduce ocean plastic.

BIONIC engineers fully traceable high-grade textiles and polymers made with coastal and marine plastic. 

The product line consists of three yarns: HLX®, DPX® and FLX™, each of which serves different functions and are highly adaptable to suit a wide range of applications, and multiple variations of polymer resin.


We  believe all of the resources we consume on Earth should have a positive impact on society and our natural environment.​

Turning things we discard into raw materials we can be proud to use in our everyday lives. 

We make high-performance yarns, fabrics, and more for all walks of life.