BIONIC® materials are versatile in their applied usage. Our materials find application in everything from roller shades and furniture to evening gowns and luggage.


Our patented HLX®, DPX®, and FLX™ yarns set a new standard for recycled materials in both performance and fashion apparel. The combination of our diverse suite of materials and our advanced research & development capabilities positions BIONIC® as the perfect partner for collaboration. The result? We work with some of the fashion industry’s most respected and iconic brands: Moncler®, Chanel®, Polo Ralph Lauren®, G-STAR Raw®, Burton Snowboards®, H&M® and more to create everything from ultra-soft plush knits and lightweight wovens to waterproof canvas and technical fabrics for activewear.​


Our materials and innovation team has created everything from ultra-durable breathable mesh for athletic footwear to ; ultra-durable wax canvas and denim proven to handle even the toughest climates. Our "Reinventing Canvas" campaign with TIMBERLAND®, a brand synonymous with quality and durability continues to be a BIONIC® team favorite!​​


BIONIC® proves that luxury and recycled materials are anything but mutually exclusive and offers a creative and diverse suite of solutions for this expanding market.  As luxury furniture and decor brands focus on their environmental impact, BIONIC® offers the only authentic solution.  Our co-collaborators represent the top tier of interior design professionals, artisans, and craftspeople across the commercial, residential, and hospitality landscape. Check out our collaboration with best in class Hunter Douglas’ on Greenscreen Sea-Tex™ solar control fabrics; and check out BIONIC® polymer powering Tenjam’s FIRM.​


Our collaborators within the space continue to push the envelope of creative applications of BIONIC® materials. From hard-shell and soft luggage to luxury handbags and utility bags for the harshest climates our planet has to offer – see our collaboration with MILLICAN® which utilizes a waxed BIONIC® Canvas.​


With standards and regulations that push materials manufacturers to innovate, BIONIC® materials are at home in automotive applications equally as they are in top fashion brands. From the luxurious roof linings and supple seat coverings to creatively designed contrast stitching; BIONIC® materials add a level of detail only paralleled by the story behind.​


Removing harmful plastic pollution from marine and coastal environments will remain our purpose and with that BIONIC® holds all maritime applications in special regard. An ability for materials to withstand the test of time in maritime applications requires advanced tech-fabrics whether applied to upholstery or protective coverings.


The use of BIONIC® materials in the green building materials space is already present thanks do many of our existing collaborations.  With a holistic approach to marketplace sustainability, BIONIC® continues to work with industry leaders across multiple landscapes to integrate our fabrics and polymers into everyday building supplies; whether it is durable yet design focused carpets and floor coverings or roof tiles and state of the art synthetic decking, our authentic and quality materials remain in high demand.